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A mega revolutionary event with 10,000 Widows gathering at  L.B. Stadium on 23 June 2017, International widows day , at Lal Bahadur Stadiu, Telangana,  Hyderabad.


Bala Vikasa is a secular and professional community development organisation working mainly in all districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and spread in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Chattisgadh impacting lives of over 4 million people across 6000 villages. All our community programs are enfolded into an objective of changing the mindset and attitudes of the people as primary objective and bringing 3600 approach development in the communities with peoples participation and ownership. All our best practices in the field are disseminated to other likeminded NGOs and development professionals through our training modules at our Training centre. 64 countries have participated and benefited through these programs. Capacity building is our key strength in bringing change at the individual, family and community levels.

As situation of widows in India is very pathetic due to age old superstitions especially among the rural and poor communities.  They are discriminated in many ways in their daily lives and have  lost their dignity and respect.  While among the rich, educated and empowered women are enjoying equality in the society, majority of the rural poor widows still suffer due to superstitions.  29% of the widows attempting or thinking of committing suicide indicates the severity of the unnoticed issue in our society. Therefore, Bala Vikasa want to bring social justice to the widows in the country by creating awareness among general public and make them accept the widows as human beings and give them equal rights, dignity and opportunity.

As United Nations declared June 23rd as International Widows day to claim a humiliation of the human rights, especially for women whose husbands are dead and suffer complete social exclusion and become victims of discrimination and abuse. In response to this call, Bala Vikasa is organizing a revolutionary mega event with 10,000 widows from across Telangana state to voice out their issues to the nation. Probably this is the  biggest and first of its kind event with large number of widows gathering  in the country to  gain the attention of the nation on the plight of widows.

This event is a collective movement that is being made to bring a change of attitude in thinking and behavior especially in eradicating the age old traditions and superstitions towards widows and  create a inclusive culture in the society.

To take this initiative forward, Bala Vikasa has promoted a “Movement for emancipating widows from discrimination” by pooling women, farmers, youth, networking with other NGOs, religious institutions, government bodies, people representatives, and media. This movement is becoming stronger with a wider network of key institutions, political leaders, public representatives, social activists and individuals. District level seminars are being organized involving thousands of people from all sections of society with the help of local leaders and officials. With the success of these district level seminars, a state level event is now planned for a larger impact. 


How long should widows accept these heinous traditions of their ill treatment? Is it not in contempt of human rights? Who benefits from these superstitions? Is it you, me, or who? How can a husband’s physical death be the cause for the other’s psychological death? Many great people are coming together to fight against these social stigmas. Be a part of eliminating these age old traditions and create a new world for the people around you.

Be a part of the convention happening at L.B. Stadium on 23 June 2017, in Telangana, India on International Widows Day.

This is a one of a kind event with the participation of more than 10,000 widows.

Please be part of the movement and make a CHANGE!