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SOPAR, based in Canada and the USA, fulfils the role of chief funder for its sister organization, Bala Vikasa in India. Bala Vikasa also receives grants from other national and international funding agencies, corporates, individuals, and beneficiary communities.

SOPAR (Canada): Financial Results 2018-2019

*For SOPAR Financial Statement, click on the following link.


Funding for SOPAR’s programs comes from diverse sources. Global Affairs Canada is SOPAR’s most important Canadian partner. Working together for more than 35 years, SOPAR and GAC (formerly CIDA) have been involved in a wide range of development programs in India. We also receive funding from private institutions, foundations, schools and through the generosity of our members.


Bala Vikasa (India): Financial Results 2017-18

*For Bala Vikasa Financial Statement, click on the following link.

Bala Vikasa Partners & Funding

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