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YCW is an educational program that helps students understand and experience international development work. Students take on fundraising projects that directly impacting the lives of the poor in India.

Over the past 20 years, 750 schools across North America have experienced the YCW initiative. Hundreds of thousands of students have been encouraged to open themselves up to the world as global citizens and get involved with international issues. The program is meant to create a sense of solidarity between Canadians and rural villagers in developing countries; specifically, India.


  1. Students experience how small gestures can change the lives of others
  2. Develop students’ confidence in our ability to make a difference in the world
  3. Students learn about new cultures
  4. Students learn about the challenges people face in other parts of the world


Each school or class has its name engraved on a plaque that we place on the well or in the classroom you help in India. Once the project is complete, we will send you village information and pictures of the people helped, as well as a commemorative plaque.


Water Project: Build a bore well


Education Project: Provide a classroom with furniture