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Hyderabad Flood Relief

An estimated 33 people in Hyderabad (79 people in Telangana) died since last week due to one of the worst floods and water-logging in recent times following an unprecedented downpour in over a century. On Oct 14, Hyderabad experienced 32 cm of record-breaking torrential rain (2nd highest after 1908) creating flash floods in the city of lakes – lakes that were already full due to a strong monsoon season. With the floodgates of the large Himayat Sagar lake lifted and the Musi River that cuts across the city, overflowing, most low-lying areas have been submerged for over a week.

More than 37,000 severely affected families from low-lying areas have been relocated to the government relief camps, and Rs 5,000 crore worth of public and private property has been estimated to be damaged. The government is doling out relief kits comprising essential supplies (Rice, Flour, Pulses, Tamarind, Tea Powder, Oil, Spices, Blankets) to those stranded in water-logged colonies. But, many communities haven’t yet received any help and are grossly ill-equipped to survive this crisis.

Communities Needing Immediate Relief and Assistance

Nearly 36 urban slum dwellers living close to Bala Vikasa’s Safe Water program areas have been living in precarious conditions, with their homes flooded, rations washed away, and water-borne diseases threatening to cause more damage. With continued rains this week compounding their miserable situation, these families are in severe distress and need immediate relief and assistance.

Our Interventions

We are providing groceries like oil, pulses, flour, chili powder, sugar, salt, onions, potatoes, soaps, etc. sufficient for a month at their doorstep.

How You Could Help

A contribution of Rs. 250 can help one family survive the floods with dignity.

Please support as many families as you can!

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” – Max Lucado

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