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Sustainable Agriculture

Our organic farming initiative is helping farmers in returning to natural agro-practices that work in harmony with nature rather than against it. Through our program, we are providing more sustainable agricultural approaches that can boost the rural economy.



Growing uncertainty and unpredictability of monsoons owing to climate change, receding surface and groundwater tables, poor quality seeds, expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides, high-interest credit rates and piling debts are many of the problems troubling the small farmer in India. Inadvertent crop failures result in a severe loss of time, energy, money and life.

In addition, intensive chemical farming is posing serious health risks while the environment is suffering from pollution and decay. All this is pointing towards a great danger to both the food grower as well as the consumer, ultimately affecting the food security of generations to come. 


Organic Farming


We motivate the farmers and take them into confidence to start organic farming in a portion of their fields to see the difference for themselves. In order to achieve effective results, several organic inputs are provided to the farmers. They are also trained in the preparation of different types of organic manures, decoctions and plant growth vitalizing agents that are suited specifically to their crops and the problems that afflict them.

Weekly visits are made to the farmers to assess the crop situation, identify anomalies, assist with the preparation and spraying of organic decoctions and track the progress being made. Our intensive capacity building programs, continued monitoring and use of innovative methods in program implementation has made it possible for the farmers to benefit the most.

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