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The Issue

The Vidya Vikasa Intervention

We are transforming the learning conditions in public schools through a Community-driven initiative, where school children are contributing toward their own development, actively participating in the implementation efforts, along with their parents, teachers and the rest of the village community.

  • Mobilizing, motivating teachers, parents, children
  • Providing digital blackboards and digitized classrooms
  • Training selected teachers and students on operating the equipment
  • Forming eco-clubs of students for effective program monitoring
  • Equipping library facilities with books
  • Providing garbage bins, compost pits and garbage collection trolleys
  • Building water purification plants for safe drinking water
  • Promoting hygiene and providing sanitation facilities
  • Planting saplings to improve greenery
  • Providing writing desks and benches
  • Equipping science laboratories
  • Capacitating additional teaching support staff
  • Distributing promotional literature for awareness and motivation



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