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Orphan Solidarity

Channeling the Collective Compassion of Change-Makers


The Issue

Our Unique Orphan Solidarity Program

Rural Poor Women, who were the beneficiaries of our Women Integrated Development Program, were inspired to pay it forward by caring and supporting the less privileged among their communities. The spirit of generosity, despite their own deprivation, was cultivated among them by teaching them about the transformative power in such acts of kindness, which led them to adopt 1600 orphans over the years.

Last year, 198 orphans’ education were supported by the women with a collective contribution of about 55 lakhs. We are looking to enhance the number this year with your support.

The Orphan Solidarity Program was designed to support this mission by providing necessary support with the help of contributions from large-hearted individuals, corporates, foundations, etc.

40 years of sustainable Community Driven Development experience  went into creating this unique program for Orphans and their welfare. The uniqueness of our program lies in the fact that: 

  1. It is the only program that is significantly sponsored by rural poor women who earn daily wages from hard labour
  2. Orphans are no more Orphans – they are called “Vikasa Children” and the supporting women are called “Vikasa Mothers”
  3. Majority of Vikasa Children live in the same village with their extended families – not in hostels so that their family bonding is retained.
  4. Vikasa Mothers and our Women program coordinators are in constant touch with children and their host families to ensure all their needs are met
  5. Regular Monitoring and Evaluation is done to Unlock their true potential and to help them realize all their dreams


Through this program we are



On the Solidarity Day, it is touching to witness the poor Vikasa mothers forgo daily wages and donating savings to plan the event, invite guests, raise funds, make arrangements at the venue, pay from their pockets for their travel and food, and lovingly spend a day with these ‘adopted’ orphan children.Rural poor women have transformed from being humble beneficiaries to benevolent donors and diligent partners.

We and the Vikasa women are doing our best. Now, you have an opportunity to stand in solidarity with our Vikasa children. Here’s how:

The Orphan Solidarity Club

A group of highly compassionate and socially-responsible citizens who are making a change in the life of the orphan children. Our club members, with their kind contributions, are helping orphans access equitable opportunities for quality education, and giving them a chance at leading a better life.

You can become a member of the Orphan Solidarity Club by donating Rs 25,000. You could donate in multiples of Rs 25,000 if you wish to help more orphans.

A donation of Rs 25,000 aids an orphaned child to pursue higher education, partially covering the costs of tuition fees, books, clothing, hostel, food, commute, and more. These children may be living with extended families, or by themselves, or in shelters, but are enrolled in schools and colleges.

We evaluate each case and ensure that studious, meritorious, and hard-working children keen on higher education, with good grades, get selected for sponsorships.

We will send you updates on the progress made by the orphans every 4 months. We will also invite you to visit the orphans twice annually, including Solidarity Day when we celebrate their collective birthdays.

With your donation, you can help orphans get a fair chance at a decent life, and an opportunity to become compassionate model citizens. For, it’s the kindness they receive from donors like you that often inspires them to pay it forward.


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