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Orphan Education Program


Access to quality education is a privilege, losing parents at a young age takes it away and leaves the child to lead an unstable life. Bala Vikasa Orphan (Vikasa children) program is one-of-its-kind (unique) wherein members of our women’s program help identify such orphans in their respective villages and take them under their wings. These women aka Vikasa Mothers provide them with emotional and psychological support, love, and care; prevent them from ending up as laborers or beggars. 


Through our Orphan Education Program, we are unlocking the potential of orphan students and helping them realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and has the talent to scale great heights if they are provided with the right learning opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that students, who have lost one or both of their parents, are able to get the education they deserve, irrespective of their religion, caste, or creed.


Intervention for Orphans


Our development Initiatives helped rural poor women. They are now paying it forward!


Bala Vikasa Orphan Education Program is a fine and inspiring example of ‘paying it forward’ intervention, for orphans, initiated by the collective strength of the women communities we helped develop. As part of our Women-Integrated Development program, we help rural poor women create Self Help Groups, and access opportunities of financial growth and social development.

What’s inspiring is watching these poorest of the poor women, then, coming forward to help out the most marginalized in their villages – the orphans. The women’s groups identify and adopt orphans in their village, in what can be called a community adoption initiative. These doting mothers provide the ‘Vikasa Children,’ as they lovingly call the orphans, with sustenance, safety and emotional security. They enroll them in residential schools and colleges, and sponsor their education.

The generous women themselves are poor, sometimes illiterate, earning about one dollar a day and struggling to manage. Yet, they compassionately donate a few days’ wages to pay for their food, clothing and books.



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