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Orphan Education

Access to quality education is a privilege, losing parents at a young age takes it away and leaves the child to lead an unstable life. Bala Vikasa Orphan (Vikasa children) program is one-of-its-kind (unique) wherein members of our women’s program help identify such orphans in their respective villages and take them under their wings. These women aka Vikasa Mothers provide them with emotional and psychological support, love, and care; prevent them from ending up as laborers or beggars. 


Through our Orphan Education Program, we are unlocking the potential of orphan students and helping them realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and has the talent to scale great heights if they are provided with the right learning opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that students, who have lost one or both of their parents, are able to get the education they deserve, irrespective of their religion, caste, or creed.


According to UNICEF, India has 29.6 million orphaned and abandoned children, and as per SOS Children Village 2011 study, these children make 4% of India’s child population. According to the statistics provided by the Childline India Foundation (CIF), in 2017 out of total orphan kids in India, only 470,000 are in institutionalized care.

These abysmally low rates of care being provided to one of the weakest sections of society show that there is a dire need for strategic interventions. We are working rigorously to improve the lives of these kids, bring them out of poverty, and provide them with a better future.

So far, we have extended support to 1,600 orphans, who were identified by the women members. These women gave their love and care to orphans, supported education, and also kept a track of their academic performance. Most importantly they encouraged them to keep moving forward and comforted them at times of distress.


<14 years

Losing parents at an early age affects the emotional and behavioral state of a child, poverty extends into all areas of their lives, and prevents them from having the security and structures required to grow, thrive, and develop. Most of the kids are taken in by their immediate guardian but still succumb to poverty. The first thing that gets affected by this is their education; their circumstances push them into begging or working.

We support their education through the donations we receive from kind and generous donors. We also counsel their guardians to regularly send them to schools and cultivate the sense of being loved and cared for.

>14 years

The poor and marginalized face great difficulties to reach higher levels of education because of various factors such as financial deficit and lack of awareness. We are helping students to realize their aspirations and dreams, and paving a way for them to achieve those.

The needs of older kids pursuing are different from younger ones. Their education expenses are more, which starts to get heavier on their relatives/guardians. Most of them give in to circumstances as they don’t want to burden their guardians and start to work. Also, analyzing their psychological and emotional behavior and needs are more complex than the young ones. We put all our efforts to help these students and keep them focused on their studies in all the possible ways, and now, we are seeking your support to keep this effort going.

You can be part of our mission and support these young and talented students to complete their higher education. Your small contribution can transform someone’s whole life.

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