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Improving the quality of public education through active community involvement

 Helping children access education reduces factors at the root of poverty, such as illiteracy, and is an investment for the whole community. Given opportunities and proper guidance, young people can become highly committed to solving problems and can play a key role in community development.


Rural children in India largely attend government schools, which often lack basic facilities such as libraries, sports materials, water and sanitation facilities. Poor conditions in these schools are one cause of an alarming dropout rate that sees nearly half of primary level children leaving school. Plagued by illiteracy and ignorance, uneducated children in rural areas face chronic poverty and are vulnerable to being forced into child labor. The worst affected among them are the children of widows (semi orphans), orphan children, and children from very poor families.

Young adults in rural India face chronic unemployment. They often do not finish school, do not have any opportunity to leave their village, and live in poverty. Although many are in search of a more meaningful life, they are often discouraged, disillusioned and unmotivated to change things.

Some statistics:


Education for Rural Poor Children and Orphans

  • Awareness camps for students
  • Tree planting program in schools to improve greenery
  • Poster printing and distribution
  • Annual talent competitions to gauge performance improvement


Youth Program


Our Education Program improves school infrastructure and motivates communities to keep their school’s environment clean. Children, teachers and parents all take part in the process of improving the school. The value of education is reinforced and people are directly involved in the development process.

Our Orphan Program works through the Women’s Program. Members of Women’s groups identify and help orphan children and the children of widows in their communities. A spirit of generosity and solidarity is cultivated, as our positive motivational approach drives even the poorest women to help those less fortunate than them, causing an inspiring ripple effect of people taking steps to assist those that were previously neglected.

The Youth Program epitomizes our Community Driven Development approach, which builds the capacities of a crucial segment of the population, i.e. youth, enabling them to be the driving force behind systematically organized development initiatives, through mobilizing the whole community to actively participate and contribute.