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The Siddipet Steel Banks initiative led by the beneficiaries of our Women and Widow Empowerment interventions, to eradicate the use of single-use plastic and save the environment, is gaining much traction, with the active involvement of our partners, the Hon’ble Telangana Finance Minister Mr T Harish Rao, the municipal bodies in Siddipet district, and funding partners Ramky Group, and Prasad Seeds Private Limited.    

A chain of steel cutlery banks managed by the Self Help Group (SHG) women of our Women-Integrated program, and young widows of our Widow Emancipation Social Movement, provide eco-friendly stainless steel cutlery at a nominal rental to event hosts to their residences, community halls, and function halls, to help in eradicating the use of single-use plastic in Siddipet during public or private large-crowd functions and ceremonies. 

Shri Harish Rao, who is actively advocating the need to completely boycott the use of plastic for a Swachh Siddipet, Swachh Telangana, and Swachh Bharat, graced one of our training sessions conducted in July in Siddipet to train the women on effective management of the steel banks. We are helping women set up steel cutlery banks across the Siddipet district to curb pollution, reduce carbon footprint, and ensure a safe and sustainable environment.

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