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    • We organized a virtual training program on Social Entrepreneurship for 3 African nonprofits, mobilized by the South Sudan-based Humanitarian Aid for Change and Transformation (HACT), and 18 development professionals attended the training program conducted by the PDTC for the nonprofits from Sudan, South Sudan, and Kenya. 
    • During a national-level one-week course on Green Audit jointly organized by the Osmania University and the Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) in August, BVIC Project Lead Mr Vijay Kumar Macha trained 250 participants on ‘Green Practices in Achieving Sustainable Development.’
    • The US Consulate, Hyderabad, invited us as panelists for a digital discussion on Youth and Innovation during the COVID19 Pandemic. At the webinar held in August, BVIC Head Rahul Bhardwaj participated alongside speakers from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India, to discuss how innovators helped the society during the pandemic. 
    • Our Safe Water Community Water Purification Plants (CWPPs) program is rapidly expanding in Gulbarga, Karnataka. Over the past 3 months, we conducted virtual training programs for 75 water committee members and operators from 18 villages, to improve their knowledge and skills in operating the plants and manage record-keeping. 
    • We organized training programs in partnership with Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd for 57 CWPP water committee members from 18 villages in Gulbarga, Karnataka to improve their knowledge of plant maintenance. Our Safe Water Federation program team trained them on effective strategies on increasing CWPP memberships. 
    • The HCL Foundation has selected our Water Conservation funding proposals on Water Body Desiltations and Farm Ponds for the second round of consideration. Earlier this year, we had won the HCL Foundation Grant for the Uday Program’s ‘Skills & Livelihood’ program, beating about 150 pan-India nonprofits who applied for the grant.  
    • As part of our Water Conservation efforts, we trained more than 140 farm ponds owners from 12 villages of Wargal and Veldurthi mandals in Siddipet, on tree plantation and fish-rearing. The farmers planted 5960 saplings on the bunds of 218 farm ponds and applied fish-seed worth Rs 1.05 Lakhs in a bid to improve their income. 
    • We partnered with the National Institute of Plant Health Management (NIPHM) to conduct mid-seasonal capacity-building training for 180 farmers of 18 villages from Siddipet in September, to create awareness on eco-friendly insects, as part of our Sustainable Agriculture Program’s Organic Farming interventions.
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