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A Success Story – Shiva Ram

An avid traveler and photographer, Shiva Ram can fluently speak all the four south Indian languages along with English. He is currently working in a big IT company and aspires to be a successful entrepreneur later in the future. Life is good.

His life today might seem too fascinating but what he went through since the age of five is anything but fascinating. He lost his parents to fate at the tender age of five. He and his older brother, who was eight at that time, received no support from their immediate relatives except their maternal uncle, who enrolled them in an orphanage.

Life at orphanage was tough but he was able to continue his studies from a government school in Nagarkarnul. Since beginning, he was a studious kid who completely focused on studies; always scoring top marks. Realizing his potential teacher introduced him to a Bala Vikasa women member, who enrolled him for BV’s Orphans Education Program. His meritorious scores helped him get the scholarship needed to continue studies but with no source of income, he needed financial support for his day-to-day survival.

Bala Vikasa helped him get the proper financial assistance, which took the burden off his shoulders and helped commit all his focus to studies. After finishing his B Tech with flying colors, Shiva got placed in a renowned IT company.

He says he doesn’t remember how his parents looked but has a faint memory of how they felt, which often happens to him when he is looking himself in a mirror or when someone says he resembles them. He is much obliged of what Bala Vikasa has done for him and the life he could make with the help of this program. He regularly donates part of his earnings for social causes and wishes that someday he’ll be able to support the kids facing struggles similar to his.

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