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A Success Story – Ranjith Byru

The pain that B. Ranjith has suffered is too overwhelming to be contained in a young heart. At the age of six, he lost his father to heart attack and before the family could recover the loss, his mother also died leaving behind three kids to fend themselves.

Their grandmother gave them shelter but she was too old to support them financially and this put an end to their schooling. His older sister, who was 11-years-old at that time, started to work on farms and became the breadwinner for the family. Soon after, situations forced Ranjith also to start earning and he began to work in a hotel.

One of his relatives extended help and took both the brother with him to Hyderabad but life was no different here. He continued to work in a hotel as a helper until his sister, back in Mallekpalli, came in contact with Bala Vikasa women members and introduced to the help Bala Vikasa provides to orphans.

She immediately called her brothers back and with the help of BV women members, they were enrolled in schools again. Ranjith says he lost faith in people after what his relatives did to him; BV not only helped him in getting proper education but also provided emotional support restoring his faith and trust in people.

Ranjith has now finished his Masters in Social Work. He is working with Bala Vikasa and has made a decent life for his family. Collogues define him as fun-loving and full of positive attitude, who spreads joy where he goes. He wishes to reach a position where he can support kids with similar struggles as him and make their life better.

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