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A Success Story – Moola Mahesh

Hailing from Thorrur village of Maheshwaram district, Moola Mahesh’s life flipped upside down at the age of 15 when he lost his mother to heart failure. She was the sole breadwinner for the family and Mahesh was extremely close to her. His father, who was an alcoholic, also succumbed to ill health within six months of his mother’s demise.

None of the relatives came in support of him and his brothers, they were left alone and faced severe social isolation along with other major difficulties. At the age of 16, he met one of the Bala Vikasa’s women program coordinator, Rama. She heard his ordeal and took him under her wings by enrolling him in Bala Vikasa’s orphan education program. She supported and encouraged him to study hard and further. He met with other kids who had similar suffering as his; he mingled with them and got back his confidence to live and create a brighter future.

He often speaks about BV founder Bala Theresa, whom he fondly calls Balamma, and how she showed him motherly affection. He holds high regard for her and seeks inspiration from her life. He says after becoming part of Bala Vikasa’s program he never felt that he is a helpless orphan. With the care and support of BV, he completed his B.Sc and MBA.

Despite such high qualifications, he didn’t seek jobs in the corporate sector where he could make big money. The passion and emotion of helping others in need overshadowed everything else. In his quest, once again, Bala Vikasa became a milestone, as he decided to serve poor, socially and economically isolated people with the organization.

In 2013, he formally joined Bala Vikasa as a Field Coordinator and dedicated his heart and soul to its Education program. He has made a decent life for himself and now putting his efforts to empower others.

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