Commemorating 25 Years of Successful Community Driven Development

“Mrs. Bala Theresa is a pride daughter of Telangana” said Mr. Chandra ShekarRao, C.M. Telangana

February 9th, 2016 is a historical day in the journey of Bala Vikasa as it celebrated the great event of silver jubilee at L.B. Stadium, in the heart of Hyderabad city. The gathering of 15000 leaders from Bala Vikasa women, youth, farmers, water purification, model village and organic farming projects made the event truly memorable. The event was splendid not just because of the number of people gathered on the occasion but the very spirit of the people who participated. The kind of discipline, response and the feeling of “our Bala Vikasa” demonstrated by the 15000 participants who came from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states, is truly praise worthy. The presence of VVIP and VIP representatives from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments, political leaders, Bala Vikasa partner organization representatives, corporate partners, media and well-wishers from India and abroad made the event very special and brought good recognition and visibility to the Bala Vikasa family.

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Silver Jubilee a Public Celebration (Prajala Panduga)

It was an event much awaited by people from thousands of villages in three states from the time it was announced in December, 2015. It was an appropriate time to celebrate the success of the organization which has won the hearts of millions of rural poor over the past 25 years. When Bala Vikasa announced to make the Silver Jubilee as people’s celebration thousands of people came forward voluntarily to contribute money to share the cost of the celebration.
15000 people paid Rs. 300 each towards the celebrations and our field teams have to restrict the number due to the limitation of facilities and management constraints at the venue. The enthusiastic participation of people is another indicator to prove what Bala Vikasa means a lot to people in the villages.

Main office staff have together formed different committees such as Stage Committee, Food Committee, Transport Committee, Invitation and Reception Committee, Parking Committee, Publicity Committee, Cultural Committee etc and shared the responsibilities.

Words of Appreciation and Thanks from Founders

Mr. Andre Gingras started his speech with joy, appreciating the rural communities for their involvement, participation and ownership of the projects. When he asked a question to all the participants ‘Who is Bala Vikasa?’, and to everyone’s surprise, the people answered loudly as one voice ‘We are Bala Vikasa!’. The Founders expressed happiness to see this ownership and encouraged to continue as change agents for greater impact.
He said:

“In these 25 years Bala Vikasa stands as a role model for many of the organizations and governments. As Founders of the organization we are proud of the achievements of Bala Vikasa. We take this opportunity to thank the millions of people who have believed in us and trusted us by empowering themselves and becoming change agents in their communities”.

The future

Recognized nationally and internationally as a model organization, Bala Vikasa is now at a turning point in its history. Since its inception, Bala Vikasa has demonstrated the importance of solidarity and community involvement and has given knowledge and tools to hundreds of thousands of people who have become agents of change in their communities. The organization is now in the process of adding a new angle to its work – to teach and promote the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) among entrepreneurs of all kinds. A new training center, the Bala Vikasa International Center, will be built for this purpose.


In our world governed by market-based principles, true 360 community development – a development that addresses all sectors of activities in the community – needs to be interlinked with corporate social responsibility. Bala Vikasa’s CSR branch is already bearing fruit.

25 years may seem like a lot but considering all the work that remains to be done, we feel like it is only the beginning!

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