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Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Kadiyam Srihari appreciate the efforts of Bala Vikasa in reopening a government school which was closed for last three years.

It was a festive mood at Ontimamamidipally of Warangal district this morning as they reopened the government school which was closed three years ago. 330 students from this village are attending in 16 private English medium schools by paying approximately 5 million Rupees as school fee plus the transport. It was not easy for many poor families. But they all want their children to go to English Medium School. Bala Vikasa motivated the villagers a month ago to start a school in their own village which they can control better and have quality education at much less cost. It ignited the minds of the parents. The Grama Sabha unanimously decided not to send even a single child to any private school until 7th grade.

School reopening
As a result of this unity and Bala Vikasa facilitation today 275 children joined the government school not just from Ontimamamidipally but from neighboring villages too. Appreciating the unity and efforts of the villagers and Bala Vikasa, The Deputy CM sanctioned the English medium school with 7 teachers and four additional rooms. Hoping to make this a model school which can inspire other villagers in Telangana to make their Government schools useful and effective.

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