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Padavati Rutha/ Sravn- Mamnoor/ Mariapuram
Padavati Rutha says, “I was feeling shy to defecate in open place. Due to urbanization many houses were built by cutting down the trees. So, now we don’t find any secured open place for open defecation. Many times I was tensed and worried of my daughter who is growing in age, I was forced by the situation to accompany her when she goes to defecate. Lot of time was wasted, no security and safety, and some times very embarrassing but now after construction of toilet am free from embarrassment, and free in terms of safety, privacy, and lot of time is saved. All the more I “am tension free” declared Rutha. I Thank Bala Vikasa for helping me to have dignified and secured life by proving help for construction of toilet and made me aware of the consequences of open defecation.

Bagadi Radhika/Ashok- Mandapalli village of Nachinapalli area.
I constructed toilet long back with the help of government scheme but not used it for several years. Bala Vikasa made me and many more aware of consequences of open defecation by using direct language like “Open defecation means that you will eat your own and neighbors shit. We were shocked with such direct statements and known the realities of open defecation. From then on we are using the toilets regularly. Now my desire is, my village to be certified by the government as “open defecation free village”. I believe strongly that we will achieve this with the help of environment committee formed by Bala Vikasa during recent Grama Sabha. –

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