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A Water Purification System for the Village of Karadpalli

Karadpalli, population 2500, is a village containing people from diverse castes and religions, the majority of whom depend on a farming income of less than $2 a day. The water in Karadpalli is highly concentrated with fluoride, causing villagers to experience joint pains, dental fluorosis and other health problems. Though purified water was available from a local commercial purification plant, the supply was unaffordable to most villagers.

The villagers were exploring possibilities of setting up a water purification project in their village when they heard of Bala Vikasa. They approached the organization to request help. After a needs assessment Bala Vikasa asked the villagers to organize themselves and show they were ready to take on such a project. The village elders, the Village Development Committee (VDC), and local institutions mobilized the community and held a motivation meeting. Seeing the unity of the villagers, Bala Vikasa approved the installment of a 1000-liters per-hour-capacity water purification machine.

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