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A Bore Well for Lakshmi ’s Village

Lakshmi and Ramulu live with their two school-aged children in the village of Dharma Thanda, population 1000. In their village most people work as daily wage laborers on farms and a few have small land holdings. They do not have proper roads, electricity or drainage facilities in their village. They live in huts and small houses.

Lakshmi told us her family faced many problems accessing water.  Since Ramulu goes to work in the fields in the morning and comes back in the evening, his wife bears the main responsibility of collecting water. Much of Lakshmi’s time was spent fetching water from irrigated open wells located far from their home. They have 2 buffaloes who require a lot of water. Ramulu also used to bring water after his arrival from work by keeping containers on both sides of his bicycle. Sometimes the owner of the irrigated well was not permitting them to take water.

Lakshmi also wanted to work and earn for their family, but could not find the time because of their problems finding water.

Finally, the villagers of Dharma Thanda approached Bala Vikasa for a bore well. They submitted their 15% financial contribution along with their application form, and collectively selected the site for the bore well. Within a short period, a bore well was drilled. All the villagers felt happy for the sufficient levels of water now available to their community.

Lakshmi expressed her heartfelt thanks on behalf of her village, especially its women and children.

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